Activity 1

The Art to Dance Community

Activity 1: Get together – theoretically and practically

As a prelude to the project, employees from all partner organizations from Germany, France and Portugal will come together in Frankfurt am Main to lay the foundation for successful and long-term cooperation.
The main focus of this activity is to get to know each other and exchange knowledge regarding the unique theoretical and practical backgrounds of all partner organizations.
Facing the different cultural backgrounds, fields of activity, and research, we get to the bottom of what unites us despite all the differences and commonly explore ways in which our diverse approaches can open up new perspectives concerning shared visions.


  • 5 days
  • 29. September – 03. October 2021


  • Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Open class by Eva Azevedo

Open class by Eva Azevedo

individual improvisation guided by her research and creation of the”Farisogo Sira” method, associated with the elements of nature.

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