The Singing Body

Activity 2: Intercultural team teaching


Aspects of our way of working with the voice

To ensure that we will have a common focus and constructive output with a value for a transnational strategy, it is important that we follow the common frame in the creative work:

– body is always involved in the singing

 – energetic and poetic approach

 – body is the center of the creative process

 – using the voice as an instrument for liberation and empowerment

 – improvisation with voice and body is the main method

 – one focus is the active participation of everybody who is present, also the musicians

 – call and respond singing as a main tool for interacting with the whole group (audience)

  creating songs without lyrics, may be words that are understood universally and creates a certain vibration 

Host: Popolomondo, Portugal

Period: 10 days in september 2021

Focus: singing and dancing

Topics: inovative methods

Objective: teambuilding

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