Centar IGW Zagreb

Established in 1975, the international training institute IGW is the most tradition-rich and currently largest training institute for gestalt therapy in Europe. It is located in Croatia since 1987 and offers a broad range of training and education formats as part of the IGW Centar Zagreb since 1996.The institute attaches great importance to high-quality networking and professional standards. It is recognized by the EAPTI European Accreditation Psychotherapy Training Institute (EAP) and the European Association For Gestalt Therapy (EAGT).With Croatia’s entry into the European Union in 2013, the Centar IGW Zagreb became the leading representative of the entire Croatian IGW program. Beyond the national borders, the center has partner organizations in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Bolivia, and China. Besides, the institute collaborates with the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna due to its unique psychology department structure that accredited the IGW program as a master’s degree in Gestalt therapy in Austria Slovenia.All instructors and trainers belonging to the institute have years of experience in the clinical field and a formal degree in integral Gestalt therapy as well as ECP (European Certificate of Psychotherapy) and ECGT (European Certificate in Gestalt Psychotherapy) certification. The latter, in particular, offer a high degree of transparency, as they are publicly listed in the European Therapists Register by the European Psychotherapists Association. For professionals in the psychosocial field (psychologists, social workers, doctors, social pedagogues, etc.), the IGW Zagreb center offers a four-year training course and additional training formats for Gestalt counseling therapists with a university degree and propaedeutic training.Besides, the center offers a broad range of seminars and workshops to get into dialogue with experts and representatives throughout Europe and overseas regarding the latest theory and practice of Gestalt therapy.The teaching method of the institute has been influenced strongly by the second generation of American Gestalt therapists, such as Erv and Miriam Polster, Joseph Zinker, Jim Simkin or Violet Oaklander. It follows the trend towards the approach of Relationalgesalt represented by experts like Lynne Jacobs, Gary Yontef, Gianni Francesetti, RichHycner or contemporary, intersubjectively oriented psychotherapists such as Donna Orange.The core team of IGW Zagreb consists of the managing director, an examination committee, permanent senior lecturers and professors, as well as multiple guest lecturers that are currently training a total of 69 students within their 4-year program and jointly hosting CPD Workshops for students and stakeholders twice a year. 

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