Гешталт здружение на Македонија-Контакт

Macedonian Gestalt Association-Kontakt is established in 2003 as an umbrella organization for gestalt training institutes in N.Macedonia providing professional ethics support, coordination of institutes, and promotion of gestalt therapy. Since its accreditation in 2011, it also provides a link with the European Association for Gestalt Therapy ( Other activities– education and training in the field of Gestalt Therapy. The main goal of Macedonian Gestalt Association-Kontakt is to allow individuals and groups to raise their awareness in the communication and interaction with other people that are part of their everyday life, as well as to create and develop healthy relationships and contacts with those close to them. Our vision is to invest in people, in communication between people, and in building healthy contacts and relationships through education, training, and counseling. Our mission is: To offer high-quality humanistic and integrative programs through professional counseling and psychotherapy; To support

research in the development of professional knowledge, in the management and development of human resources with professional trainers and mentoring; To offer psychotherapy and counseling services to the general public. Our goals are: To offer personal growth and development education and training of the highest possible quality; To organize basic and advanced-level workshops; To organize debates on everyday life subjects; To offer accessible and effective psychotherapy and counseling services to individuals; To offer family therapy; To give theoretical and practical knowledge in psychotherapy and its types to all students of psychology, pedagogy, social care, politics, medicine, and other faculties. To offer workshops and training programs for managing and developing human resources to all state institutions and private companies; To offer career coaching and provide socio-psychological support.

 Our team: All of the members (60+) of our team are graduated psychologists, social workers, medical doctors, or psychiatrists that are in education for Gestalt therapy or are certified as psychotherapists by the European Association of Gestalt therapy (

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