Vincent Harisdo


I’m Ayelén, a 26 year old Argentinian woman. I am an occupational therapist. I like art in all its forms, I studied theater for many years at university until I felt the need to experience new things, like dance, photography, guitar, yoga, craft (embroidery, binding…) … I have always worked with people of all ages and backgrounds, especially vulnerable people, with whom I love to use art as a transforming and healing tool. I believe that art is a powerful instrument to create fairer worlds, specially when it´s used collectively. I am inspired by people who are surprised, who fight for a better world, who move with love and intensity. I am inspired by women and multiculturalism. Latin women like Violeta Parra, Alejandra Pizarnik, Mercedes Sosa, Frida Kahlo and my friends inspire me.