Vincent Harisdo


My name is Francesca and I am a 25 year old Italian girl.

I am studying an online masters degree in international relationships  and therefore I took the opportunity to travel and volunteer abroad in places that enrich me both professionally and personally.

Volunteering for me is a great opportunity as it allows me to combine two passions: travel and the discovery of other cultures and contact with people. Right now I feel a lucky person because I’m growing with so many different people and each shared moment is a moment of creation in which everyone brings their experiences, their history and their emotions, creating a picture full of colors and intertwining.
The person who most inspired me in this vision of life and creation through the encounter is a priest who in my city has created a centre, 50 years ago, where all the children meet, work together and create. I grew up in this context and I believe that this is one of the experiences that most marked my way of dealing with life and relationships with others.