Fundation escuela de solidaridad

Fundacion Escuela de Solidaridad

The Fundación Escuela de Solidaridad is a project that aims to recover the family sense of people who, due to various circumstances, have not been able to and cannot experience it. It starts from a concept of a universal family where any creed, idea, religion or conviction is accepted and fully integrated, with respect as a method of intervention and personal development. With these premises, the Foundation welcomes people living uprooting, social disadvantage, abuse or exclusion into a home: mothers with children in emergency situations, young immigrants, adults and adolescents at risk.

The home is the starting point for personal recovery and in it the key method and training for future integration into society is developed. This idea is rooted in a spirit of non-biological “paternity” or “mothering”. People who are vocationally dedicated to this task act like any father or mother and do not receive financial remuneration for this work. The home is a nurturing space that feeds and promotes learning tasks and where introducing new content is a constant.

The Foundation has a philosophy of openness, of not putting conditions on the people it welcomes at home, except in the case of addicted people (alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.) who are referred to specialized centers. At the same time, a feedback phenomenon occurs over time. The testimony of the oldest in the home becomes a role model for the newcomers.