instituto rumpilezz

Instituto Rumpilezz

The Rumpilezz Institute consists of the music school, the methodology of musical education Universo Percussivo Baiano” (UPB, cf. book publication from Letieres Leite: Rumpelezzinho, Laboratorio Musical de Jovens), the Letieres Leite Quinteto, the youth collective “Rumpelizzinho”, and the “Orkestra Rumpilezz”.
The institute was founded by Letieres Leite in 2006 and has been managed by him ever since. Its core subject are African rhythms refined by brass and jazz elements.
The composer Leite masterfully arranged the music of countless successful bands by Ivete Sangalo, Timbalada, Olodum, Daniela Mercury, Hermeto Pascoal to Maria Bethania and many others. As founder and director of the Orkester Rumpilezz, Leite toured Europe and won numerous awards. 
Letier’s music ethnological research focuses on the history, rhythmic structure and physicality of African elements in jazz. Letieres has succeeded in developing a creative pedagogical system to penetrate more deeply an animistic West African way of dialogic improvisation.

He founded AMBAH (Academia de Música da Bahia), NUCA (Núcleo de Conhecimento e Arte) in Salvador and is director of the state vocational school of Bahia FUNCEB (Fundação Cultural do Estado da Bahia). With much serious passion, Letieres takes his social and societal responsibilities seriously and teaches children, young people (Rumpilezzinho) and women (Rumpilezz de Saia). As a musical luminary and experienced educator, he represents and teaches the African roots of Brazilian music worldwide.