Vincent Harisdo

Mo Jonas

As the son of a musical family, Mo Jonas discovered his love for music at an early age. He has appeared in the dance and pop music scene since his youth and worked as a professional musician in his home country of Brazil. The guitar, along with many other instruments such as the piano, bamboo flute and sitar or Brazilian percussion, is the instrument that he masters to perfection. He has therefore also specialized in the rare models such as a berimbau with 1 side or the cavaquinho with 4, 6, 8 and 10 sides.

He worked as an arranger and music writer for various publishers in Sao Paulo and taught at the Conservatory of Music. He later played in Europe with two world-famous bassists from the “Wheather Report” and tours the world every year as musical director and guitarist for the internationally renowned Nneka.

As the owner of the 3rd Dan, Mo Jonas teaches karate and as a capoeirista he has had creative movement potential for 30 years, which is used in children’s dance projects and on stage. Mo Jonas is a guitarist in the Bangoura Group and works as a music teacher in the association’s social projects.