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Nigel Asher

Nigel Asher, born in London with Jamaican and German roots, is a bass player based in Hamburg / Germany with a wide range of musical experience. While favouring reggae, soca, soul and funk, african styles from all areas, he

has also been involved with gospel, blues, latin, brazilian and various pop music. Some of the known artists he has worked with are NNEKA, OCEANA, EEK A MOUSE, THE WAILERS, D-FLAME, JAMAICA PAPA CURVIN, ERUPTION, SOULFUL DYNAMICS, LOVE NEWKIRK, PATRICK NUO, HEATH HUNTER, and others.

Other activities include composing and producing music, as well as organising events and booking artists.

– musician ( bass / guitar )

– music producer

– band leader

– music composer and arranger

– event organiser

– project manager

– artist agent

Nigel coproduced the Black History Month in Hamburg for 15 years as well as the Bob Marley Tour, which has been gaining an enormous international range and success for 20 years.

His participating with Dance of Cultures is carried by his social cultural consciousness offering afro fusion music on a high level for people in vulnerable situations. Artistically, Nigel is thrilled by the creative potential of African Music traditions, translating them into the European reality bringing people together. The extraordinary bass drummer is convinced that we all need to open up more to get really together, finding solutions together.