Vincent Harisdo


I’m Pablo, a 31 years old argentinian man, who has studied to become a physical education teacher back in my country. I worked with kids in a primary and secondary school for four years before deciding to travel. 
I have many interests in different fields, but some of my passions are, in the first place to do any kind of activity that involves the use of my body in open spaces, especially in nature. I also love to be around music, which I consider is one of the best tools that we have to interact with other people and communicate with our own concerns. 
I’m truly convinced that every human being has a creative potential that needs to be develop. And I think that is a crucial mission for the education to help everyone find that special field or area where to express how they feel or what they think. 
I try to get inspiration from every one around me that shows me passion in what he or she does. That could become from a musician, from any other talented artist or even from a kid, which i think its easier to observe how passionate they act with the things they really like. 
One of my idols in life is my brother. Mainly cause he introduced me to the art life, and because I like to see how he is trying to change all the time to find different ways to create new things.