Popolomondo is a non-profit cultural organisation that is dedicated towards the production, innovation, and research of dance/theatre and music as well as new interdisciplinary approaches. Their work encompasses an extensive range of cross-sectoral activities from intercultural training in the areas of dance/theater and music, socio-educational training, the promotion of cultural groups, including R&D (Research & Development) activities to cultural events and audiovisual productions.

In Eseperanto -a universal language that developed from several world languages- Popolomondo means “people of the world” and symbolises the  the vision to develop a common language from the diversity of artistic expressions, traditions, and cultures.

With it´s holistic concept, Popolomondo positions itself at the intersection of art, spirituality, education, and society. 

The association is working towards the dissemination, research, and innovation of transnational cultural education since 2010 to bring Afro-Portuguese cultural assets to foreign countries as well as to promote African diversity within Portugal.

Popolomondo addresses and explores the complexity of Portuguese-Brazilian-African contexts through its work and enriches the intercultural discourse as an creative anthropological product.

In cooperation with national and international organizations, Popolomondo regularly organizes conferences, festivals, seminars, and awareness campaigns on the subject of Benin-Portugal-Brazil.