Vincent Harisdo

Daudet Grazai

Dancer, acrobat, musician, and comedian – he began his artistic career in Côte d’Ivoire with the Cameroonian writer, director, and scientist in cultural studies  Were Were Liking and the artistic community “Ki-Yi M’Bock” (meaning in Bassa, “the knowledge that transcends all knowledge”) 

At L’ Ecole de Sable in Senegal, under the artistic direction of Germaine Acogny, he danced with various traditional and contemporary African choreographers, such as Judith Jameson, Koffi Koko, Anne-Marie Reynaud, Bernardo Monte, Flora Thefaine, Laurence Levasseur, Bud Blumenthal. His training then continued in the dance company “Jante Bi” under the direction of Germaine Acogny and DasArt, organized by l’Ecole de Beaux Arts in Amsterdam.

Living between Africa and Europe since 2002, the versatile performer tours in France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Hungary and Korea with internationally renowned choreographies, such as  Bud Blumenthal (“Hybrid in Belgian”), George Momboye, Marc Veh (“Nanju”)

Mustapha Bangoura (“Won Ta Nara”), Waye Mc Gregor (“Kirikou and Karaba”), Thierry Smith/ cirque du Soleil, as well as the dance company “Thor” and the piece “Avatar” and the dance company “Yamo Yamo” from the Netherlands.

Today, Daudet lives and works in Bordeaux with choreographer Vincent Harisdo. He teaches afro-urban, coupé décalé, African and contemporary dance.