Vincent Harisdo

Sophie Gamba Lautier

For Sophie Gambia Lautier, the initiator and director of Dju Dju, dance is a lifestyle, which has profoundly shaped her professional and private life for over fifteen years now. 

As the foundation of her artistic career, she compleded a three-year training course in African Dance in 2006 at the Center for Artistic Studies “d’Etude Artistique 6ème Parallèle” (FEIDA) in Bordeaux. 

In the endeavor to constantly question, reflect upon and redefine what is taught, challenging established approaches, methodologies, and belief systems, her work unfolds within various technical, educational, and artistic dimensions, combining them in a unique way. By studying the wealth of African dances and their sociocultural backgrounds and contexts for years, she discovered the identity-building potential of dance, which became then one of her main focus points. 

Besides, she’s constantly expanding her knowledge, skills, and network, contributing to the exisitng habitus on a theoretical and practical level through her innovative approaches, ethnographic research activities, and the exchange and co-production with various schools of African dance around the world.

In addition, she initiated and established the center for artistic and cultural development “Center de Développement Artistique et Culturel Elijah” in Benin.

Today she works closely together with Vincent Harisdo and develops concepts and projects in co-production with him, such as the publication “une autre idée de la danse africaine.”