Vincent Harisdo

Tanja Dejanović Šagadin

In addition to her vocational training in psychology at the University of Zagreb and her international education of gestalt psychotherapy at the Integrative Gestalt Therapy Institute in Würzburg, Tanja has additional training in leadership of Psychosocial treatment of violence perpetrators within the family, mediation and bodywork psychotherapy amongst others. In 2019 she received the Social recognition “Marulić – Fiat Psychologia” from the HPD-Croatian Psychological Society for a particularly valuable contribution to the development and promotion of Croatian applied psychology. 
Tanja is a member of Croatian Psychological Chamber, the Croatian Psychological Association, the Association of Gestalt and Integrative Psychotherapist (DGIPH) as well as the Management Board of the Psychological Centre TESA in Zagreb. Not only her various activities and projects regarding the latter display her vast field of action. 
Tanja can look back upon over 20 years of professional work experience at the intersection of embodied practices, psychology, and Gestalt psychotherapy. Her key qualifications combine counselling and psychotherapy as well as multiple teaching and training activities as a lecturer, workshop and seminar leader. 
Since 2010, she works as an external associate at the AZOO – Croatian Education and Teacher Training Agency, the Centre for upbringing and education “Goljak” and the Psychological Centre TESA, giving lectures and workshops on topics like the integration of students with motoric disabilities, cerebral palsy and psychological development disorders, counselling skills, assertiveness, burnout prevention, etc.. 
Besides, she’s an external associate at the faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences, psychology as well as Education and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Zagreb, within several Departments.

Within the IGW Centre Zagreb, she’s an Expert associate – psychotherapist, teaching about Human Rights, Social Responsibility, Inclusion and Aggression within Gestalt Therapy. She also works as an individual psychotherapist and supervisor for the trainees not only on behalf of the IGW centar Zagreb, but also for the Homa GT institute and the Dance and Movement Psychotherapy association.