Tanz der Kulturen

Tanz der Kulturen e.V – translated as „Dance of Cultures“ – is a collective of international dancers, musicians, educators, and therapists around the international team of the the Bangoura Group. The nonprofit association develops and implements sociocultural projects and performances within dance and music and acts as a training institute and research center towards the Bangoura methodology – a unique training format on ritual dance pedagogy – named after its founder Stephanie Bangoura. The collective aims to make African dance traditions and live music accessible to all persons irrespective of their socio-cultural and socio-economic background, religion or belief, disability, age, gender or sexual orientation. The fundamental idea behind its work is to bridge language barriers and promote intercultural awareness and communication through dance and therefore build cross-linguistic and multicultural communities. The members consist of musicians and dancers from various countries in Africa, Europe, and South America whose creative work is supported by a professional team of photo- and videographers, cultural managers, communication designers, choreographers, dramaturges, set- and costume designers. In addition to the ritual dance pedagogy, the organization’s training range includes multiple advanced modules that uniquely merge dance, theater, and music at the intersection of pedagogy and therapy. Forming the association’s centerpiece, Stephanie Bangoura contributes with over 25 years of experience as a professional dancer and pedagogue studying and working abroad. Long-term stays in the US, Brazil, France, and Senegal enabled her to establish a global network and expertise, which she shares at conferences and publications, expanding the current scientific discourse. On a national level, the association implemented multiple art education projects founded by “Kultur macht stark, Bündnisse für Bildung” and extended training programs for kids and youth throughout the school holidays, cooperating with several other social organizations, cultural centers, foster homes, artist agencies, and therapy training institutes.Besides, they offered weekly intercultural dance events in the counseling center for women (biff e.V.) in Lübeck, facilitating access for and empowering over 100 women. Amongst others, the nonprofit association is a member of the ” Verband der freien Darstellenden Künste” Hamburgs, and the german “Berufsverband für Tanzpädagogik”. After getting in touch with the Erasmus+ program for the first time in 2018, Tanz der Kulturen e.V. is now coordinator of several strategic partnerships and received the Erasmus accreditation in the field of adult education from the European Union to sustainably realize a long-term internationalization strategy throughout the upcoming years.