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Vedrana Kurjan Manestar

Vedrana Kurjan Manestar is a pedagogue, preschool teacher, gestalt psychotherapist and psychotherapist focusing on movement and dance.

She completed training in Gestalt psychotherapy at the IGW Institute, Würzburg (EAGT and ECP certificate) and additional training in Movement and Dance Psychotherapy according to the standards of the European Association for Movement and Dance Therapy (EADMT). Furthermore, she has attended additional training to specialize in psychodrama, child psychodrama, play therapy, art therapy, music therapy, NLP, Transactional Analysis, and physical psychotherapy. She’s continuously improving her professional skills through interventions, supervisions, attending professional conferences, and CPD training. She is a trainer in Gestalt Education at the IGW Institute Zagreb, focusing on psychotherapeutic approaches in working with children and adolescents.

She is the vice president of the Croatian Association for Movement and Dance Psychotherapy (HUPPP) and a member of the Croatian Gestalt and Integrative Psychotherapists Association (DGIPH), the European Association of Psychotherapists (EAP), and the European Association of Gestalt Therapists (EAGT).

Besides, she is currently working in a primary school as a professional associate and working as a psychotherapist with adults and adolescents in private practice. Overall, her work makes her one of the main organizers and leaders concerning the education on Psychotherapy of movement and dance in Croatia.