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Ritual dance pedagogy goes global

This certificate proves the recognition of the socio-cultural educational association Tanz der Kulturen e.V. as a selected institution in adult education to strategically develop ritual dance pedagogy on an international level. 

To do so, we realize high-quality mobilities for our learners and staff, allowing them to deepen their skills and learn abroad. Among others, we collaborate with African dance schools from France, Spain, and Portugal, cultural centers in Bulgaria and, women’s shelters in Italy as well as the gestalt therapy center in Croatia and North Macedonia.


If you are interested in participating, we are looking forward to your application. Please send us an e-mail at: with your motivation and CV.  All ages and bodies are welcome!  

Our objectives regarding the development of ritual dance pedagogy are: 

A. Transnational education for teachers and students

Our holistic approach describes a hybrid method of therapy and art to use dance as a tool for community-building and personality-strengthening processes. Through international exchanges, we will develop our ritual dance methodology further and get the possibility to apply this transcultural method in different contexts. As a result, our staff will be more qualified, and our learners will have access to innovative content within the field of ritual dance pedagogy.

In addition, we are developing a dance performance with live music that reflects artistically our transcultural and holistic approach to dance, promoting the visibility of the workshops and formation in ritual dance pedagogy.

B. Digitalization – developing an e-learning platform 

We will develop an online space for learning and exchange to digitalize our ritual dance pedagogy, increasing accessibility, visibility, and sustainability. 

To strengthen the community building between teachers and learners, we will also start a podcast. 

In addition, we will provide our teaching materials in several languages and inclusive formats to make them accessible for everyone.  

 C. Intercultural competences 

We will educate our staff in intercultural awareness and an inclusive work approach. The latter requires questioning and reflecting prejudices and hierarchies within our team continuously. 

We can only convincingly teach about an attitude of appreciation and acceptance if these values are firmly anchored in our staff. Therefore we will offer training courses regarding topics like antibias and intercultural communication.

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