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Under the title „The singing Body- physical empowerment for European values“, organizations in artistic, social and intercultural spheres of activity located in Germany, Portugal, Bulgaria, Spain and Italy are partnering, to establish together a interdisciplinary project in the dance pedagogy for empowerment. The transnational intercultural
project plan wants to give artists a place of exchanging practices in dance and pedagogy and to expand their network. Innovative methods will help to deepen together the artistic practice.
Creative dance from different ethnics and with the voice as an instrument for empowering processes as well as lectures about European values are giving the frame of the project.
By bringing together sociocultural pedagogy and artistic perspectives, different ethnic music and dance traditions are merging to a tool of social inclusion. The project cycle consists in his total of a group formation process, the exploration stage ( improvisation and practice), knowledge accumulation, construction of methods, implementation of practices, evaluation as well as spreading out the results to local, national and international stakeholders.
The project includes activities of a four-week stage in Portugal and meetings for practice implementation in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, and Germany. Every activity has it’s own focus to give a new perspective on the theme of the project. In coproduction transferable formats and innovative Methods will be developed and implemented in the current practices.
The main goal of the methods along with the political education mission is to encourage the individual to implement the European values in a self-reliant way in his artistic practice.
The main intention is to use and to develop innovative methods in singing and dancing education and making it usable for everyone across the EU. Especially using elements from voice training for empowerment in a creative way.

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